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1. Wollastonite : a specialty additive for Friction Materials

Surface activated high aspect ratio  Wollastonite is the cost effective fibers for friction materials. Used as a reinforcing additive and partial/full replacement for asbestos, synthetic materials or chopped or milled glass fibers, wollastonite imparts a range of benefits to friction formulations, including improved friction stability and improved pre-form strength. Wollastonite minimizes noise, reduces or eliminates cracking, and lowers cost.
Wollastonite is safe, non-toxic, naturally occurring mineral, offers significant health advantages over asbestos in friction formulations.
Primary applications include OEM and after-market cars and trucks, heavy equipment, truck blocks, drum linings, disc pads, clutch facings.

Wollastonite is a Safe, Cost-Effective Reinforcements for Friction Materials
Having key Key Performance and imparts Processing advantage
• Primary ingredient for the replacement of asbestos
• Partial replacement for chopped glass and synthetic fibers
• Cost-effective replacement for milled glass fiber
• Improved friction stability and mechanical properties
• Reduction or elimination of cracking
• Improved unit, flash and pre-form molding
Product Recommendations
Up to 30% replacement of chopped glass by volume
2-4% addition to eliminate/reduce cracking
100% replacement of calcium carbonate to improve friction stability and
Eliminate moisture uptake
50-100% replacement of barytes by volume to reduce weight/density and maintain properties
Typical Properties :-
Appearance White
Morphology Acicular
Refractive Index 1.63
Molecular Weight 116
Specific Gravity 2.9
pH(10% slurry) 9.9
Water Solubility (g/100cc) 0.0095
Density (lbs./cu.ft.) 181
Bulking Value (gal.lbs.) 0.0413
Mohs Hardness 4.5
Coefficient of Expansion (mm/mm/°C) 6.5 x 10-6
Melting Point(°C) 1540

2. Friction Dust

Friction Dust is a product used as additive in Manufacturing of Friction Material (Automotive & Industrial) like Brake Linings, Disc Brake Pads, Railway Brake Blocks and Clutch Facings etc to stabilize the friction level.
Friction Dust is a crossed linked product obtained from the reaction of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid with different aldehyde donors like Formaldehyde/ hexamine /Para Formaldehyde to achieve the desired  properties. Basically it is a phenol formaldehyde resin, which is polymerized and reacted with any one of the aldehyde donors and made to powder form of various standard mesh sizes.

Friction Dust have a resilient nature which cushions the engaging property of a piece of lining. In addition, they decompose on the surface of a lining at various elevated temperatures which controls the wear and offers a protective device by prohibiting excessive temperature from being developed. The inclusion of friction dust in the composition of the brake lining friction material also helps control brake noise.

Cashew Friction Dust is as common ingredient of friction linings formulations. Friction Dust represents 8% to 20% by weight of friction elements used in manufacturing of brake lining, brake pads, brakes shoes, railway block and clutch facings where high absorption and frictional properties are needed. Friction dust of various mesh sizes is supplied according to requirements of various manufacturers for making Brake linings and clutch facings which are used in the friction formulations to be used in metallic, semi-metallic and non asbestos brake products.

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